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Responsibility for contents

Dirk Stüwe

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Glasstudio Stüwe
Inhaber Dirk Stüwe
Schloßstraße 26/1
73268 Erkenbrechtsweiler


Tel.: +49(0)7026/5422



Notes regarding external links

In the jugdement of 12 May 1998 the district court of Hamburg decided that by adding a link to your homepage you will also have to take the responsibility for the contents of the linked page. According to the district court this can only be prevented if you explicitly distance yourself from the contents of those pages. on my homepage I have links to other pages on the world wide web. for all these links the following applies: I explicitely emphasize that I have no influence whatsoever on the design and the contents of the linked pages. Therefore I explicitely distance myself from all the contents of all linked pages on my homepage. This declaration is valid for all links on my homepage. My website is part of the World Wide Web and so it is connected to other ever-changing websites. Therefore they are not part of my responsibility and so the above mentioned jugdement does not apply. Befor accepting the links I just checked once whether they are immoral or illegal.


The layout of the homepage, the graohics, the pictures as well as the collection of single contributions are protected by copyright. All rights also thos of the photomechanical reproduction, the copying and the distribution via special procedures (e.g. data processing, dataprocessing mediums and data networks) even if only partially is reserved to the Glassstudio Stüwe.

Legal Note

This imprint is part of the internet offer of Glasstudio Stüwe. Should single formulations or parts of this text not partially or entirely correspond to the current legal situation the remaining parts of this declaration will remain unaffected.